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Cryptocurrencies are digital asset, not usually backed by a physical commodity or currency. This means that their value is completely dependent on faith. Their price follows the laws of supply and demand. As the supply of many cryptocurrencies is predictable or fixed, their price moves according to the number of people who want to buy them.

If people start believing that the price of a particular cryptocurrency will no longer rise, they will start selling it off. This will reduce the Crypto value and encourage other investors to do the same. This vicious cycle can cause prices to plummet very quickly. Conversely, if investors are buying an alt coin, it could create a ripple effect that could even ultimately lead to a price bubble.

Although cryptocurrencies have received a great deal of attention, both from investors and the media, in the past few years, it is still an emerging market and many companies are going to adopt this technology for their businesses.

We would highly recommend to all investor please do your best research before investing your hard earn assets in this technology and select coin that really fit with your needs and demand.

Here we could give you some professional tips that may help you to gain some benefits from this industry. Since we all know well this market is high fluctuation market we highly recommend you to “DO NOT HOLD” so long for any coin if you are not confident whether that coin can be your future gain. So the best you could apply if you like.

For Example if you are investing 100USD and would like to buy ABC coin with 0.50 USD/Coin value after your order will be done you will get 200 coins in your wallet against your investment (fee exclude).

  • As soon as you wallet get coin add them again for sell with your desire profit % let’s suppose 10% mean your sell order will be value of 220 USD. (Fee exclude)

  • Once your sell order will be done you can buy again when price will be at low point by this way you could do trade as much as you want in one day if you trade 10 time mean your real investment already in your pocket and equal amount of investment as a profit will be available in your digital wallet.

  • Please don’t think so big picture although Crypto currency in upcoming technology however still its carry lot of fluctuation which may lead great loss or profit so be smart and earn from this technology.

If you wish to appreciate our team efforts and would love to buy a cup of coffee for our team you could buy from here. Your even one dollar share will be highly appreciated and motivate our team to keep you update for future upcoming BlockChain technology as well as new Crypto coin launching and their features.

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