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What is EVX?

Everex was founded on the idea of using Stablecoins for cross-border and card payment settlements. EVX pioneered first commercial use application of fiat pegged token long before the very term “Stablecoin” has been forged. Today with EVX deep experience in the field, EVX happy to offer the best and tailored solutions to the problems global businesses face today.

Global Payment Transfer

The existing system is failing to meet the demands of Cross-Border payments, especially for SME’s. EVX provide solution revolutionizes legacy payment rails by offering settlements in USD pegged Stablecoins. EVX onboard members with local exchange partners in their respective countries to allow easy on-and off- ramp conversion between their local currencies and USD Stablecoins. One boarded, EVX BlockChain-powered platform enables sending and receiving global payments in a matter of minutes, regardless of the location. Stablecoin Payments are fully traceable, reliable and transparent. EVX team take care of any associated fees for making these payments for you.

Online Bank-Card Payments

Many online businesses struggle to find transparent and reliable card payment solution. Merchants operating in “High-Risk” industries, like entertainments, Dating, Gaming, Gambling, E-Sports, Nutraceuticals, and CBD know this very well. With 8 years’ experience in high-risk payment EVX team came up with the innovative and elegant solution to provide high-risk merchants with the same day settlement in USD Stablecoins, full chargeback protection (Yes!) and very reasonable fees. In fact, your payment processing cost may effectively be Zero, if you meet certain conditions. Connect with EVX Sales representative and let’s talk about business.

Virtual IBAN for EU/UK

For international trade companies operating between US, EU/UK and ASIA, including China and India, EVEREX offer virtual IBAN service, which allows easy invoicing and direct payment settlements from your EU and UK Buyers. Note, that your payment receivable will be settled in EVEREX wallet in USD Stablecoins, converted from EUR/GBP at market (XE) rates. (Feel free to compare anytime). This is traditional convenience for your fund management, making your funds accessible immediately after receipt.

Vendors / Affiliate Payouts

If your business depends on a network of affiliate marketers, you have to pay suppliers, vendors and employees or contractors located all over the world, this is service for you. All of your individual recipients will be offered to sign up and receive a free virtual EVerCard which can be used anywhere where major card brands are accepted. All card are done in minutes with USD Stablecoin and available to cash out into your recipients local currency in all supported markets. Free for Everex Network members.

Global Corporate Card

Your USD Stablecoin balance in EVEREX wallet is immediately available to spend with virtual corporate card issued to your business. Pay any of your online vendors or suppliers and earn up to 10% Cash back on your purchase. Although the card is virtual, its ApplePay and GooglePay enabled, so you can use it with any Apple or Google friendly POS device when you shop outside your office or house.

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